Unabridged CV is available here. I’m also on LinkedIn.

(2020 – present) Postdoctoral Researcher, Newcastle University.
(2019 –  2020) Curriculum Officer for T Levels and International, NCFE.
(2017 – 2019) Teaching Fellow in Linguistics, Newcastle University.
(2016 – 2017) Teaching Associate in Linguistics, Newcastle University.
(2015 – 2016) Course Lecturer, Psychology of Language, University of Edinburgh (Open Studies).
(2015) Teaching Associate, Honours Semantics, University of Melbourne.
(2010 – 2014) Studentship Teaching Associate, pre-honours Linguistics and Hons/MSc. Origins and Evolution of Language, University of Edinburgh.

(2017) PhD Linguistics and English Language. “An evolutionary psycholinguistic approach to the pragmatics of reference”, supervised by Prof H. Branigan, Dr. T.C. Scott-Phillips and Prof S. Kirby, University of Edinburgh.

(2010) MSc Evolution of Language and Cognition. “How Pragmatics can contribute to models of language evolution”, supervised by Dr. T.C. Scott-Phillips, University of Edinburgh.

(2008) BA(Hons) English Language. “Recursion in the evolved language faculty”, supervised by Prof M. Tallerman, Newcastle University.

Talks and Publications

(2021)  Bailes, R., Cuskley, C., Ingason, A.K., and Wallenberg, J.C. Linguistic planning for information uniformity is an adaptation for noise resistance, 7th International Conference “Ways to Protolanguage” (Protolang 7) [abstract][slides]

(2021)  Cuskley, C., Bailes, R., and Wallenberg, J.C. Noise resistance in communication: Quantifying uniformity and optimality, Cognition, 214: 104754 [article] [preprint]

(2021) Wallenberg, J.C., Bailes, R., Cuskley, C. and Ingason, A.K. Smooth Signals and Syntactic Change, Languages, 6 (2) 60 [Open Access article]

(2018) Shillcock, R., Thomas, J., and Bailes, R., Mirror Neurons, Prediction and Hemispheric Coordination: The Prioritizing of Intersubjectivity over `Intrasubjectivity’, Axiomathes, 29(2): 139-153 [article]

(2017) Bailes, R., Intrasubjectivity as a Precursor to Intersubjectivity: Prediction and emulation in hemispheric coordination, Minds, Mechanisms and Interaction in the Evolution of Language Workshop, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen. [accepted abstract]

(2017) Bailes, R. An evolutionary psycholinguistic account of the pragmatics of reference, PhD Dissertation, University of Edinburgh. [Thesis]

(2013) Littauer, R., Roberts, S.G., Winters, J., Bailes, R., Pleyer, M. and Little, H., From the Savannah to the Cloud: Blogging Evolutionary Linguistics research, EVOLANG X Student Volume. [abstract]

(2013) Bailes, R. Levels of analysis in the common ground debate, Lab Talk, Centre for Language Evolution, University of Edinburgh. [slides]

(2012) Bailes, R., We evolved to read minds: an adaptationist account of common ground integration, Invited Lecture, Language Society of the University of Edinburgh. [annotated slides]

(2012) Bailes, R., An adaptationist approach to the audience design hypothesis, The Evolution of Language (EVOLANG 9): Proceedings of the 9th International Conference. Singapore: World Scientific. [abstract]

(2012) Bailes, R., Facts about referents as conversational precedents, LEL Postgraduate Conference, University of Edinburgh. [slides]

(2011) Bailes, R., Hemispheric interaction, intersubjectivity and the emergence of language, LEL Postgraduate Conference, University of Edinburgh.

Public Engagement & Services to the Profession
Reviewing: Journal of Linguistics, EVOLANG XII.

Research blogging: A Replicated Typo

(2019) Guest Interviewee, Ideas with Paul Kennedy: “The Recurring Case of Recursion“, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

(2017-18) Member & co-organiser, Language and Cognition Research Group, Newcastle University.

(2013) Guest Interviewee, The Headspace with Mark Dance: “Animal Learning“, FreshAir Radio.

(2011-12) Assistant, Public and Academic Engagement, Culture Evolves! Exhibit, University of Edinburgh.
-Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Conference, St Andrews, 2011
-British Science Festival, Aberdeen, 2012

(2017) Newcastle University Teaching Excellence Awards shortlisted
(2014) University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards nominee
(2013) University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards nominee
(2012) University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards nominee