Newcastle University:
SEL8500 Research Methods for Linguistics (2017-18, 2018-19)
SEL1028 Introduction to the Structure of Language II: Meaning and Morphology (2018-2019)
SEL1007/8 Nature of Language (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
SEL1012 Language Through Time: Introduction to the History of English (2016, 2017)
SEL1029 Language Across Space: Introduction to English Dialects (2016, 2017)
SEL2211 Contexts: Mind, Cognition and Computation (2017, 2018, 2019)
SEL2223 Speakers As Wordsmiths: The Creation of New Words in present-day English (2017, 2018)
SEL3005 Language Origins and Evolution (2017)
SEL8500 Research Methods in Language and Linguistics (2017, 2018)

PARTNERS Academic Summer School English Language and Linguistics strand:
Origins and Evolution of Language (2018)
Semantics, Language Acquisition (2017)

University of Melbourne:
LING30007 Semantics (2015)

University of Edinburgh:
Short Courses (Open Studies): Psychology of Language (2015)
LASC11112 Origins and Evolution of Language (2012)
Pre-honours linguistics (2010-2014):
LASC08015 Linguistics and English Language 1
LASC08002 English Language 2
LASC08017/LEL2A Linguistic Theory and the Structure of English
LEL2B: Acoustic Phonetics and Empirical Methods.
LASC08019/LEL2C English in Time and Space

(2019) Winter, J. Rhythm, language, and information: Investigating the evolved structure of human communication. Newcastle University, MRes Neuroscience. (experimental behavioural science)

(2018) Lowe, H. Does music aid lexical acquisition? Newcastle University, MA dissertation. (psycholinguistics)

(2018) Jordan, D. Investigating the sharing of cognitive and communicative burden between two interlocutors. Newcastle University, BA(Hons) dissertation. (experimental pragmatics)

(2018) Beach, E. Cognitive preadaptations for the emergence of music and language. Newcastle University, BA(Hons) extended project. (language evolution)

(2017) Tock, C. Semantic transfer in L2 and L3 comprehension of spatial prepositions. Newcastle University, MA extended project. (experimental semantics)

(2017) Newcastle University Teaching Excellence Awards shortlisted
(2014) University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards nominee
(2013) University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards nominee
(2012) University of Edinburgh Teaching Awards nominee

Rachael Bailes NUSU TEA awards